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Speaking of Santa...

I hope everyone is recovering from the Holiday bustle!
We're back at it here at Drake!

I had a realization on Christmas Eve as I was sneaking around, playing Santa, and trying not to wake up my two little boys:I AM SUCH A FRAUD.

What do I do once this jig is up? What am I going to tell them about the Tooth Fairy? And the Easter Bunny? 

I'm eating the cookies, writing the Elf's good-bye letter, drinking the milk, sneaking the presents from my closet...
Don't get me wrong, now. It's SO much fun, and so worth it...but seriously, WHO STARTED ALL THIS MESS that we have to clean up? Is there an article on how to gently let these folks go from their lives?

Below is a link to a neat article I found when trying to find someone to blame for having to keep cash in my purse for the next few years!  (I recently had to sneak a dollar from the 4 year old's piggy bank when the 8 year old unexpectedly lost a tooth.)  I found a lot of fun facts from different regions - even thegoing r…

WHO KNEW - by Grethe Whitman

Who Knew?