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Resin Maryland Bridges

What types of conservative dentistry do you practice?

Let's talk about Maryland Bridges as one option. 
When an implant is contraindicated or rejected by the patient, it can be a great aesthetic solution.  (Ideally for a single maxillary or 2 adjacent mandibular incisors.) Whereas cases involving deep class II or tight occlusion, bruxism, or poor posterior support provide a potentially limited prognosis. 

The prep for these cases is also conservative and minimal!

Reduction is limited to the lingual (at least 0.5 mm.) from adjacent teeth, with 2% divergent of parallel in the Interproximal walls adjacent to the edentulous area being restored. The preparation should cover as much of the lingual surface as possible, terminating 1mm from the incisal edge and 1mm from the tissue.

Once the appliance is complete, the resin retainer wings are prepped for adhesion in the laboratory. After try in and adjustments, clean the retainers, silinate and bond to acid etched enamel with bonding agents and…

Giraffes & Humans

I was reading a little 'Fun Facts' list when I saw GIRAFFES ONLY HAVE BOTTOM TEETH.
I think somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that from past visits to the Zoo, but had never really given it much thought.

Of course I had to research the validity of the statement; it's true(ish).

They only have bottom teeth up front.  That's how, if you've ever been to the Zoo and participated in the feeding, you haven't been bitten!  They have pads on the upper.
However, in the back of their jaw, they do have teeth on the upper and lower.

And although their entire jawbone is not filled with teeth, they still have the same amount as humans - 32!  Can you imagine the eating strength if we had molars just packed in the back like that?

This is where the part about nature comes in that is pretty fascinating. 
Most of the giraffe's dental anatomy takes care of itself and can be explained by it's eating habits. Their molars are a lot taller than that of a human -  theor…