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Are you TAP(ping) into sleep?

The Science of Sleep is not just a surrealistic science fantasy movie from the early 2000s! Its the process of studying what happens to your body when you aren't awake. More dentists are tapping into the practice of sleep apnea appliances, snore guards, and bruxism guards as a means toward trying to improve overall health and life quality. 
When it comes to the TAP Appliance, we found the below video to be a huge help with a lot of our repeated questions regarding protrusive bites, seating the appliance with the hooks, grinding down high spots for the patient's lingual, the AM Aligner, etc. 
Thank you to Airway Management for all of their knowledge in making this video, and their continued support of our fabrication of the TAP appliance.  We are honored to be a Laboratory Resource in any way we can! 
Rx a clear or custom-colored Drake Dream TAP today!