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“I sent a reline to the lab and the bite is now open half an inch in the anterior, what happened?”
By  Larry R. Holt, DDS, FICD
Things can easily be messed up during a reline process.  But, if you take a little extra time and follow a protocol, you can easily get nice results too.
First, is the denture worth relining?  Really old dentures are typically worn and the acrylic is not amenable to accepting new acrylic.  
Its ok to tell a patient that their denture is ready for the scrap heap!
First (a second time) its very difficult to make major corrections on tooth position by performing a reline.  It happens accidentally on occasion, but when attempting to do something like intentional lengthening for more tooth reveal, its very difficult to be predictable.  This is a procedure to refit the intaglio surface, not to realign the teeth.
Remember, all relines are closed bite impressions.  If you take the reline impression open mouth, it is almost impossible to maintain proper occlusion.  Eve…