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Dentists Are Like Parents And Employees Are Kinda Like Kids (RE-POST from SWYP DENTAL)

Here's a little RePost Read for you this Friday!  (Brought to you by SWYP DENTAL). If you're not familiar with their site or app yet, you really should check it out... lots of interesting reads and feeds available as they get off the ground. I find myself jumping on the app just to find articles of relevance or conversations to follow.  
How does this article by Dr. Pham apply across all avenues of the workforce? If you're an Employee/'Kid' reading this, do you concur?

SWYP DENTAL Your favorite dental news delivered beautifully. POSTED ONAPRIL 20, 2018 BY DR. TUAN PHAM Dentists Are Like Parents And Employees Are Kinda Like Kids What do I mean employees are like kids? If you are parents or have nephews/nieces/etc, you know that kids test your limits right? Likely, YOU yourself have tested the limits. Did you always do what your parents told you? Don’t lie. I didn’t. I didn’t as a kid and I didn’t as a teenager. I pushed curfew be it when I was 12 playing video games do…

Communicate with the Lab...via Videos and Photos!

Use Your Phone to Communicate With The Lab About Dentures... and Not By Dialing Our Number.
How many times have you done a denture wax try-in that just was not how you or the patient wanted it?How do you go about communicating this to the laboratory? 
Often, it is difficult to describe or just takes too many words on a prescription.As many of you know, I am an advocate of using clinical photography for most of my cases.With dentures, it’s unusual to get clinical photography at the laboratory.Honestly, a picture is truly worth a thousand words for try-in evaluation.Our technicians are quite adept at studying a photograph and appreciating changes that should be implemented.

Your phones are typically in a convenient pocket so why not whip them out and get some photography?

This patient was very concerned not to show so much lower incisor, however, she did not want a great deal of upper incisor to reveal either.The photographs aided this case.The technician immediately knew that he would have…