After giving a lab tour to a couple of dental students the other day, I caught myself drifting off on the familiar topic of  MAN vs MACHINE...
When you see all the shiny moving parts of the scanners, millers and printers, you can't help but to ask the same question as most - "how many people's jobs have these replaced?"

And let me tell you how satisfying it is to say NONE every time!  If you read one of our previous blogs on digital, we touched on this topic a bit - that technology isn't magic and still needs brainpower to operate it. And that we take pride in not getting rid of old techniques and skills, but up-cycling them into other areas where they can be honed and refined. The same goes for technicians - hand waxers can become CAD/CAM designers with a stylus in hand.

As I drifted further, I became curious about other professions and how they may have changed over time. Check out this article I found and how there was a time when taxi drivers thought their jobs were robot-proof! Now, not so much....
I thought it was a quick, fascinating, and informative read so I wanted to share!

Also recommended (and in case that article has you biting your nails in fear of the rise of the robots leaving you jobless) is this read where the author has an upbeat outlook and feels that we should embrace AI:

 “I think we have the opportunity to actually be more emotional in the better sense of the word by enhancing our intelligence, and we already have AIs that can relieve us of doing tedious kinds of thinking and can focus more on creativity. We’ll be funnier. We’ll be better at expressing loving sentiments. I think it will enhance the better values of humanity.”


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