Part 3: Precision Denture Processing

Remember those dental material science classes?  In my day, Duane Taylor described polymerization shrinkage - its that pesky process by which our materials shrink dimensionally during their setting reactions.  This shrinkage impacts daily restorative procedures such as composite placement.  We have all developed techniques to allow for this by using some sort of layering techniques when filling teeth.

Polymerization shrinkage is particularly vexing during denture processing.  As dentures are processed, this shrinkage typically “draws” the intaglio away from the palate and additionally can pull teeth lingually.  This directly affects tissue adaptation and denture occlusion


 The amount of distortion varies depending on many factors:

-  brand and quality of denture acrylic -
-  proper mixing of acrylic per manufacturer’s instructions -
- proper work flow including processing flasks, boil out tanks, etc -
- skill and experience of technician -

In a worst case scenario, shrinkage can approach 14%.
No wonder some dentures don't have suction!

So, what’s a clinician to do?  

Precision processing provides a legitimate solution for this dilemma.  
Simply put, Ivo-Cap/Ivo-Base processing is a specialized processing technique by which positive injection pressure is maintained on the flask during the processing phase.  

Specialized equipment from Ivoclar allows the laboratory a means to combat polymerization shrinkage.  As any shrinkage occurs, the IvoBase machine replenishes acrylic under positive pressure.  This process provides accurate adaptation of intaglio surfaces.  

An additional advantage of IvoBase is its biocompatibility (it can be prescribed for patients who are sensitive to denture acrylics)  IvoBase exhibits significantly less free residual monomer.

Positive pressure on flask during processing

Note adaptation of palatal acrylic on Ivo/Base Processed appliance

This is a premium process that must be requested when you submit your case to Drake or any other lab who supports this process.  Precision processing has been my preferred standard of care for the past twenty years. 
Why not provide it for your patients?


Next time we will return to duplicate dentures and wash impressions.
Thank you!
- Larry


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